Surf City, NC

Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bar opened in 2007 as a place for locals in Carolina Beach, NC and is quickly becoming a place for EVERYONE across the Southeastern United States.
”The Shack's” success relies on five things:

  1. Pint Size: 2,200-3,000 square feet is half the size of our casual dining competitors, which means low monthly overhead and higher revenue per square foot.

  2. Simple Menu: Our single page menu keeps inventory low and food waste to an extreme minimum.

  3. Manageable Staff: A smaller number of cross-trained employees creates a true team atmosphere and few people during slow times.

  4. Minimal Investment: Probably the most affordable restaurant franchise you'll find because of our cozy space and compact kitchen, with multiple uses for product and equipment.

  5. Maximum Returns: An asset turnover ratio of more than double the industry average.

We have 15 restaurants Now Open in the Southeast, including Greenville and Summerville, SC, and a new Fayetteville restaurant on track to open in 2020. Visit any of our restaurants this weekend to experience "The Shack" firsthand! It is “A Good Shuckin’ Time!”

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2020 Columbia, SC Location Guide

2020 Columbia, SC Location Guide

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Top 3 Reasons Why We Want To Be In Columbia:

1. Columbia is a stable southern market with a heavy military and collegiate demographic that Shuckin’ Shack has found success with since 2007, in a thriving city that lacks fresh seafood restaurants and a strong oyster bar direct competitor.

2. A prime opportunity to get in with a proven concept in an area already flanked by proven markets. Columbia residents who have traveled to the coast or Greenville or Raleigh, may already be aware of the Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar name and amazing coastal experience.

3. Our preliminary market research indicates that the following neighborhoods could be conducive for our seafood restaurant success:

-Cross Hill/Fort Jackson


-Five Points

Durham, NC


  • We preach it, own it, and live it.

  • It starts when you become a franchise partner and continues through restaurant opening.

  • We train using our Lifestyle Guide.

  • We focus on "why we do it," just not "how we do it."

Salisbury, NC


  • 3-4-5 Royalty structure allows you to reinvest money in the first two years.

  • Guest experience is valued over all things.

  • One Page Menu: simple, fresh, and delicious.

  • Sustainability is at the forefront of seafood selection.

Marketing Collateral


  • Niche market, start the trend - don't follow others.

  • Limited local, regional, and national competition.

  • Hottest growing casual dining segment.

Shuckin' Shack Franchising LLC

Shuckin' Shack Franchising, LLC


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