Staying Stateside for Shuckin' Shack Seafood Sourcing

Walk into any of the dozen Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bars open today and it will take you just a few seconds to find it.  It's a black chalkboard, or a mirror, or a neon lit day-glow dry erase board, but you will find an obvious way to answer the question all stores hear every day: Where does your seafood come from?  It's never a simple question to answer because all of our restaurants offer a wide variety of fresh seafood daily and each species comes from different sources that also vary throughout the year. But to be more specific, beyond what today's boards might say, all of our oysters are domestic - thanks to Rappahannock River Oyster co-op - and not every Oyster Bar can make that claim.  The same holds true with our Wild American Shrimp - they come straight from the Gulf Coast, featuring the flavor and texture that only wild shrimp possess. When compared to the imported, farm raised shrimp that are soaked in tripolyphosphate and bathed in chemicals, there's really no contest that our Wild American Shrimp are simply the best. The lobsters and crab legs we serve daily are mostly caught in US waters, although occasionally, because of seasonality or catch quotas, we may also rely on our Canadian friends to north. About the only item on our seafood menu that is pretty consistently an import would be mussels - which are commonly brought in from Chile.  But as you can now see, we do our very best to keep domestic fisherman and aquaculture farmers busy throughout the year.  And as the Shuckin' Shack brand grows, year after year, our ability to negotiate market prices strengthens, benefiting our franchisees and our thousands of Shuckin' Shack customers too!

If you have an interest in bringing some of the freshest seafood to the residents of Greenville, NC and surrounding Pitt County in 2018, please visit our special opportunities page today to learn more about Shuckin' Shack Seafood Restaurant Franchises!

While supplies will vary from day to day, all Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bars attempt to source locally caught seafood whenever the season and local catch allows.