Limited Time Offers Open Opportunities

Game Time Burger Sliders are available "for a Limited Time Only" at Shuckin' Shacks in the Southeast!   

Game Time Burger Sliders are available "for a Limited Time Only" at Shuckin' Shacks in the Southeast!


While many franchise candidates are excited when they learn about our single page menu of easy to prepare fresh seafood, we wouldn't be successful if we didn't continually test new food and drink options for our customers. The role of a franchisor is to continually market and test new products and services to improve the continual success of their franchisees.  Limited Time Offers (LTOs) are a proven strategy within the foodservice industry as beneficial to a restaurant brand, delivering at least five advantages that can apply directly to all ten Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bars:

Advantage #1 - Consumer Testing: Not a month goes by when one of our franchisees doesn't offer a suggestion for a new product or service for us to consider.  Limited Time Offers allow us to test new products to determine customer responses in all four states where we have restaurants.  The sales and survey results of the LTO help us determine whether the product gets added to the menu permanently, or becomes a consistent LTO in the future or if it never returns again. 

Advantage #2 - Kitchen Testing: While a new product might be well received by some consumers, if it is challenging to prepare or has a limited shelf-life or causes delivery delays for other menu items, a LTO allows for real-world kitchen testing.  Because Shuckin' Shack kitchens rely heavily on steamer ovens for most of our primary seafood options, other items that may need to be steamed might cause delays with our core menu items. A Limited Time Offer allows us to test the waters for how preparing one new product impacts the delivery of oysters and other fresh seafood.

Advantage #3 - Customer Engagement: While many perceive our restaurant franchise as ideal for tourist destinations, the reality is that we work very hard to establish a local clientele that will visit their favorite restaurant many times each month. Limited Time Offers that change every two or three months give our consistent clients something to get excited about and food that is probably ideal for changing seasons and sports events.

Advantage #4 - Marketing Magic: It's no surprise that most of the TV commercials you see for fast food restaurants are promoting new products that are "Only Available for a Limited Time!". The urgency creates excitement and excitement usually means traffic that comes into the door, which obviously results in sales. LTOs give marketing people something to talk about and promote when grown tired of the same old options.

Advantage #5 - Word of Mouth: When the Shuckin' Shack gets a Limited Time Offer right, we can SEE it.  We see it on Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Twitter and other social platforms.  People are telling other people about the food or drink item they had and others need to try.  These word of mouth recommendations help increase the volume of new visitors to our restaurants who can enjoy not just the LTOs, but also our primary menu of fresh seafood, cold craft beers and tasty cocktail specials.

Beyond using Limited Time Offers for these many advantages, the Shuckin' Shack also owns two restaurant locations in North Carolina where we consistently research and test new food and drink menu items before presenting them as Limited Time Offers to our existing franchisees.

The Shuckin' Shack restaurant franchise is already preparing for expansion into the Charlotte, NC market area during 2018.  We are seeking experienced multi-unit franchisees to help bring our coastal concept to the Queen City. To learn more about this exclusive franchise opportunity, please visit our Charlotte market page today.