Shuckin' Shack of Jacksonville, NC to Open Early in 2019

Five months ago we shared a wide variety of architectural renderings of our Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar set to open soon in Jacksonville, NC. While Hurricane Florence not only impacted our operating restaurants in September, it also caused some roof damage putting construction behind for this future location. The good news we want to share today is that things are now back on track and construction will begin this week!

While we are already getting a lot of positive messages from residents of Jacksonville, no one could be happier than our local franchisee, Ray Rubin. While he successfully avoided providing a specific opening date, given the delays he’s already experienced, he’s confident that his doors, at 2421 Gum Branch Road, will be open by March of 2019 - but maybe sooner if all goes well. Look for a Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar of Jacksonville Facebook page to launch in January so we can update the local residents on career opportunities and a status on a likely opening dates!

With Jacksonville coming soon and our third restaurant now open in the Raleigh market, 2019 may be a perfect year for someone in Pitt County to open a Shack of their own in Greenville, NC! Talk about your sports fans and seafood lovers - most of whom will already know or be hearing about Shuckin’ Shack a lot! To learn more about this very limited opportunity, please watch the brief video on this special page and request our free franchise information kit!

Jacksonville residents: Keep your eye on our progress at 2421 Gum Branch Road! After being delayed a little by Hurricane Florence, construction will start this week!