All 12 Shuckin' Shack's Weather Hurricane Florence

Last week was a crazy week for the majority of our Shuckin’ Shack franchisees! Hurricane Florence made landfall between our Carolina Beach and Surf City locations while making it’s way toward our Downtown Wilmington restaurant and franchise offices. After days of heavy winds and nearly two feet of rain, we’re happy to report that all of our crew members are safe and only a few of our locations suffered minor damages.

The vast majority of our restaurants have already re-opened, but please check the Facebook page for “the Shack” nearest you to double check hours of operation and menu limitations. For the few restaurants that did suffer the most damage, like Carolina Beach (see photos below), we still expect that nearly all locations will be re-opened soon, pending the opening of necessary roadways to receive our supplies of fresh seafood.

If you love the idea of operating your own Shuckin’ Shack restaurant franchise but have fears of tropical storms interrupting your business, we have a multi-unit franchise opportunity in Columbus, OH! We’re actively looking for the right partners for our 2019 expansion into Ohio! Watch the brief video on this page and request our free franchise information kit!

The Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar in Surf City was prepared and will re-open later this week when power is restored.

Our newest Shuckin’ Shack, in Leland, suffer minor damage but should also be open within the next day or two!

When Hurricane Florence was announced as a Category Four Hurricane destined to hit coastal NC, you could find our co-founder, Matt Piccinin, taking down so much of the work he personally put up 11 years ago to prepare.

Plywood and sandbags and a lot of luck helped keep the original Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar in Carolina Beach (far right) from washing away completely.

Despite high flood waters, The Shack in Carolina Beach only suffered minor roof damage that should be repaired very shortly.