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Oysters - "Food of the Future" : CBS Sunday Morning


At least once a month someone contacts our office who is an existing hamburger, pizza or sub sandwich franchisee fascinated by the idea of opening another restaurant within their local market to offer fresh seafood. It's a smart strategy when you consider how much competition there always seems to be for "fast food" versus something as healthy and as easy to prepare as our menu of mostly steamed fresh seafood.  So we can't say that we were surprised this past weekend when CBS Sunday Morning aired this video segment, called An Ode to Oysters,promoting the many merits of this "Food of the Future" and correctly naming an "Oyster Renaissance" we began to identify many years ago.  The sustainable oyster harvesting methods featured in Duxbury, MA are the same methods our partners at Rappahannock use - as we detailed in this blog post a few months back. Plus, most of the ten Shuckin' Shack restaurants already operating in the Southeast, and the handful set to open later in 2017, serve several of the oyster varieties mentioned within this news report. We applaud the national attention to this "food of the future" that is sustainable and truly beneficial to keeping our waterways clean.  And we anticipate even more positive attention to our healthy food category in the future! 

If you have an interest in bringing Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bar & Sports Pubs to the Birmingham, Alabama markets in 2018, please watch this short video on our special opportunities page to learn more today!