October is National Seafood Month - Celebrating Sustainability

Our National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a scientific agency within the U.S. Department of Commerce, that oversees our oceans and atmosphere. For more than 40 years, NOAA has taken accountability to responsibly manage and monitor all U.S. fisheries, covering 4.4 million square miles and 95,000 coastland miles of the United States exclusive economic zone, supplying about one fifth of the seafood consumed in our country.  To celebrate the role that sustainable seafood plays within both domestic and global economies and diets, NOAA Fisheries celebrate National Seafood Month every October!

Our team at the Shuckin' Shack restaurant franchise joins in this monthly celebration and staunchly supports sustainable seafood and closely managing our waterways to prevent overfishing and to rebuild overfished stocks.  We see fresh seafood as a mostly untapped sector of the American diet of the future. While massive burgers, hot dogs and pizza continue to add pounds to our collective waistlines, we agree with CBS Sunday Morning that oysters and seafood represent of our "Food of the Future".  We look forward to working with consumers and our franchise owners to help increase the overall awareness of sustainable seafood this month, and every month, within all 10 Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bars operating in the Southeast today!

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