Shuckin' Shack Celebrates One Year of Skip the Straw

While a certain well-known coffee company receives global media attention for what they intend to do to reduce future straw use years from now, we have Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bars in the Southeast that have kept thousands of plastic straws from being disposed of during the past year, while also raising over $1,000 to support the Ocean Conservancy.  Our original Shuckin' Shack locations in Carolina Beach and Wilmington, NC adopted the Skip the Straw program in November of 2016.  While the program was optional for Shuckin' Shack franchisees during 2017, we are proud to announce that as of July 1, 2018 all 12 of our operating restaurants, and the seven franchise restaurants currently under construction, will all be participants with the Skip the Straw program!

Shuckin' Shack CEO, Jonathan Weathington, provided insight on the implementation of Skip the Straw: "We see this as a winning program because we have already kept thousands of plastic straws from ending up in landfills or oceans, plus we've raised awareness and funds for Ocean Conservancy by selling the Skip the Straw stickers at all locations, and we've helped our franchisees by reducing some overhead expenses.  Within our two corporate owned restaurants we are taking things even further by testing and implementing eco-friendly cups, to-go boxes, utensils and even re-usable fabric to-go bags.  So while we started with straws, our organization will always be conscious of our environmental impact on both land and sea."

To help participate with the Skip the Straw program, be sure to mention it whenever and wherever you place your drink orders.  Also "Skip the Straw" stickers are available for $1 at all 12 Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bars in the Southeast with 100% of revenues going directly to Ocean Conservancy - a 501(3)c non-profit organization that works to clean up oceans and waterways around the world.

Our environmentally friendly franchise expansion team is now seeking potential restaurant partners in Pitt County, NC to open a Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bar & Sports Pub in Greenville next year!  If you know of someone seriously considering the many benefits of franchise business ownership, please Share this special Greenville, NC opportunities page with them!

All twelve of our Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bars now participate with the Skip the Straw program and have prevented thousands of straws from being used and disposed of over the past year.